When you're shopping for a new car, we know that safety is one of your main priorities. That's why models like the 2019 Hyundai Sonata and the rest of the models on our lot offer a complete suite of driver assistance and safety features. Sometimes, however, a crash just isn't avoidable. The Hyundai brand is naturally working on tech for those situations as well.

The Hyundai brand wants to make crashes safer by changing the way that airbags work. The main problem with a traditional airbag is that it only deploys once. That's alright in a crash where there's only one impact, but sometimes collisions get more complex than that.

If you get hit by one car and slide into another vehicle or obstacle, no airbag can deploy to protect you from that second impact because your airbags have already responded to the first. That's why the Hyundai brand wants to develop a multi-collision airbag system that prepares your car in case it hits multiple objects. According to some estimates, around thirty percent of accidents involve multiple collisions. This new technology could go a long way towards keeping drivers safer.

This system would be able to tell where occupants are and react in the best possible way. It would be able to see if triggering the airbags during the second collision would be effective. Overall, it would ensure that your Hyundai car can react to multi-collision accidents better, keeping you safer on the road.

If you're looking for safe vehicles that keep getting safer, visit our Hyundai dealership near Los Angeles. We'll help you find a new model that gives you extra peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. We look forward to helping you find a safe car or crossover that you'll love!

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