The brakes on your Hyundai vehicle are probably not something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about during your day-to-day life. You press on your brake pedal and the car stops. That is probably the extent of your though process. The truth is that the brake system in your Hyundai car, hatchback, or SUV is vital to ensuring that you can travel safely. In order to remain at its best, your car's brake system needs routine maintenance. The service center at Keyes Hyundai of Mission Hills, located at 10240 Sepulveda Boulevard in Mission Hills, CA, is where you can schedule the brake maintenance for your Hyundai vehicle.

How Can I Tell if My Hyundai Vehicle Needs Brake Service?

There is some good news regarding brake maintenance for your Hyundai car, hatchback, or SUV. You will have plenty of warning before your brakes become unsafe for travel. Also, you can find the proper brake maintenance intervals in your owner's manual. Our service advisors are also great resources for helping you figure out your brake service schedule. Some of the signs that your Hyundai vehicle might need brake maintenance include:

  • Your brake light stays on after you start your car
  • The brake pedal feels soft when you put your foot on it
  • A grinding or squealing noise is heard when you apply the brakes
  • It takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop
  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other when you press on your brake pedal

Why Should I Choose Keyes Hyundai of Mission Hills for My Car's Brake Maintenance?

You certainly have choices when it comes to a Hyundai service center near Mission Hills for your brake service. We feel like our service team should be your choice. Our dealership has many factory-trained, Hyundai-certified service technicians on our staff, so you know that your brake services will be in the hands of the experts. Over the years, they have completed a variety of brake maintenance jobs. They have worked on a number of components in the brake system including brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

Drivers who choose our service center may even find savings on their brake services because of our service specials. Explore these specials, and make a brake maintenance appointment with Keyes Hyundai of Mission Hills today, so you can continue to enjoy safe travels.

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