Even though an oil change is a commonly known automotive service, that doesn't mean it's not crucial for your vehicle. Keeping up with regular oil changes will allow your vehicle to perform like new for many miles to come while reducing the chance of expensive repairs later down the road. Lucky for you, Keyes Hyundai of Mission Hills has a professional, on-site Service Center ready to perform your next oil change and get you back to driving with confidence sooner rather than later.

What's the Purpose of a Routine Oil Change?

As you put more miles on your vehicle, the oil coursing through your engine will slowly deteriorate and lose viscosity. That's why it's essential to change your vehicle's oil regularly. By swapping out the old oil with fresh, clean oil, you'll give your engine the lubrication and cleanliness it requires to deliver the power you rely on each day. Plus, keeping up with regular oil changes will improve fuel economy, saving you even more money in the long run.

What Happens if You Postpone an Oil Change?

Going past the recommended service interval for an oil change by a few miles is one thing; however, prolonging it for many miles will drastically increase your chances of engine problems in the future. As the oil in your engine ages, it becomes thicker and struggles to clear harmful debris. So, when you skip an oil change, you run the risk of sludge build-up and costly repairs that can be avoided with a visit to our Service Center.

Visit Our Service Center for an Oil Change

Is it about time for your next oil change? Then schedule an appointment with our Service Center at Keyes Hyundai of Mission Hills today.

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