Automotive maintenance is a hard thing to keep up with. Tire rotations are one of the many important services to keep your car running just the way it should. Our professionals are here and ready to share all you need to know about tire rotations.

When You Should Get This Done

The standard rule of thumb is that you should get your tires rotated every 5,000-miles. This can change depending on your vehicle and driving habits. For example, a front-wheel car could need a rotation at a different time than a truck with all-wheel drive. Our professionals are more than happy to give you a more exact timeframe during your visit.

The Perks of a Tire Rotation

When you drive too long without a rotation, the same areas on your tires start to wear down. Hitting the same bump or taking the same turn can lead to problem patches. One of the greatest perks of rotating your tires on a normal basis is that your tires will last much longer. You won't have to purchase a whole new set too soon, saving you a fair amount of money.

Another perk you get from rotating your tires is better safety and efficiency. After your rotation, you will have better traction and control while on the road. This also helps your vehicle drive just the way it should, ensuring you get an improved fuel economy.

Schedule Your Tire Rotation Today

Our service center in Mission Hills is here and ready to take care of your tire rotation. Customers can call or visit our dealership to schedule their appointment. We also offer a digital scheduling tool for those that like to handle their automotive needs online. This is a secure form that you can complete during your lunch break or morning coffee.

We look forward to giving you an excellent tire rotation soon.

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